What does it cost?

From the outset, we stated that didn't really want to set a "price", rather that we had a total budget in mind. To get the project up and running, we are seeking $70,000 (although we've said that $100,000 should be our ideal target for Year One). Whether this is 10 members at $7000 or 23 members at $3000, it should not make a huge difference to core activities. So we originally set "suggested" prices. Your feedback suggests that these were perhaps too high, so we have revised these down to :
  • 1-2 properties $3,000
  • DMC's  $3500
  • 3-5 properties $4,000
  • Ground operators $4,000
  • 5+ properties $4,500
Who has become a member so far?
  • Azura Selous Game Reserve 
  • Coastal Aviation
  • Mbali Mbali
  • The Zanzibar Collection
  • Lake Natron Camp & Great Rift Valley Treks
  • Takims Holidays
  • Rangers Safaris
  • Foxes Safaris
  • Hodi Hodi
  • Lifestyle Safaris
  • Selous Riverside Camp
  • Kearsleys Safaris
Plus we currently have 18 more "interested parties" and 3 who are likely to join in 2019 inline with their annual budgeting).
How do I join?

It's easy. Simply fill in the form below or email We will send you all the relevant details.

As you may recall, we need around 20 members to get the initiative fully off the ground.

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Your day-to-day contact at TANTOO via Kamageo is :

Tim Henshall | Chief Executive |

Manor Farm, Nether Broughton, Leicestershire, LE14 3HB

+44 (0)1664 832750

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