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Your day-to-day contacts at TANTOO via Kamageo are :

Tim Henshall | Chief Executive | tim@kamageo.com

Nadia Alam | Trade Manager | nadia@kamageo.com

Kristina Harlow | Marketing & PR Executive | kristina@kamageo.com


What does it cost?

From the outset, we stated that didn't really want to set a "price", rather that we had a total budget in mind. To get the project up and running, we are seeking $70,000 (although we've said that $100,000 should be our ideal target for Year One). Whether this is 10 members at $7000 or 23 members at $3000, it should not make a huge difference to core activities. So we originally set "suggested" prices. Your feedback suggests that these were perhaps too high, so we have revised these down to :
  • 1-2 properties $3,000
  • DMC's  $3500
  • 3-5 properties $4,000
  • Ground operators $4,000
  • 5+ properties $4,500
Who has become a member so far?
  • Azura Selous Game Reserve 
  • Coastal Aviation
  • Mbali Mbali
  • The Zanzibar Collection
  • Lake Natron Camp & Great Rift Valley Treks
  • Takims Holidays
  • Rangers Safaris
  • Foxes Safaris
  • Hodi Hodi
  • Lifestyle Safaris
  • Selous Riverside Camp
  • Kearsleys Safaris
Plus we currently have 18 more "interested parties" and 3 who are likely to join in 2019 inline with their annual budgeting).
How do I join?

It's easy. Simply fill in the form below or email kristina@kamageo.com. We will send you all the relevant details.

As you may recall, we need around 20 members to get the initiative fully off the ground.