What is a Private Sector Marketing Group (PSMG)?

A PSMG is a joint effort between property owners and tour operators working together to actively promote their destination to the trade and to travellers. By sweeping aside the red tape, politics and budget restraints that often hamper the best efforts of national tourist boards, the PSMG can effectively and efficiently target the right audiences and follow through on agreed marketing initiatives. Using a simple structure – managed by Kamageo – the PSMG will be dynamic, creative and impactful in helping achieve the tourism goals you have today. 

How does the PSMG – now called TANTOO - work?

It’s relatively simple. Kamageo has created TANTOO and is providing all the necessary central coordination. A senior marketer runs the organisation and the entire team at Kamageo will implement the agreed marketing plan.


Each lodge, hotel or ground handler contributes an agreed annual fee, which goes into a central pot to fund all activities. Kamageo will provide all members with a copy of an agreed annual marketing plan to be implemented over the 12 months and provide comprehensive reporting on developments and achievements.

The focus of activity will obviously be more on the entire destination, rather than individual properties or operators, but be assured your business will be heavily promoted in this process.


What promotional activities are included?

A full destination marketing package : press office, monthly press releases, press packs, media trips, media events, fam trip programme, trade workshops, trade press (Safari magazine), trade website, monthly trade emailers, consumer travel shows, social media, monthly consumer emailers and ad campaign. Please note this will be for Tanzania as a whole and of-course individual member products will be at the forefront of all activities. See the marketing plan for comprehensive details.


Has Kamageo created a PSMG before, and what were the results?

We have put together PSMGs in both Malawi (15 years) and for Zambia (2 years). Here are the key highlights we have achieved for Zambia Marketing Group (ZMG), which is fully backed by Zambia Tourism Agency and has over 20 members : 

  • $1,600,000 of positive media coverage for Zambia - doubling our original target of $600,000.

  • Exhibited at the UK’s biggest consumer travel show

  • Encouraged increase marketing focus on Zambia amongst the UK’s Africa specialists

  • Over 1.5 million people in the UK reached via our social media channels.

  • Showcased a 3D painting of Victoria Falls to over 40,000 would-be travellers.

  • Extensive coverage on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, including broadcasting live from the Victoria Falls (audience 1 million +)

  • Noticeable increase in Zambia’s desirability in the eyes of UK visitors (Source – Marifa Report 2018)

  • Full-page ads in Travel Africa, Nat Geo Traveller and The Guardian Travel Guide.

  • Sending 5+ UK journalists on media trips to Zambia in 2018


We aim to reach similar goals and more for TANTOO.


What are the direct benefits to your company of being a TANTOO member?
  • The campaign is about increasing tourism to Tanzania, rather than promoting any individual lodge, camp or operator. So membership requires companies to put aside their own brands, with the focus almost exclusively on the destination. With no guarantees of specific exposure for any individual member, that’s a major commitment. So we have real admiration for all those who do so - but as a measure, we have had a 100% retention of members in ZMG in Zambia, which we feel is a measure of its overall success.​​

  • But as well as increasing tourism to Tanzania overall, there are direct benefits, too :​

  • Inclusion in the destination guide - available to consumers attending travel shows and sent as a sales aid to UK tour operators.

  • Frequent features in Safari magazine, Kamageo's own exclusive magazine sent quarterly to all UK Africa specialists.

  • Frequent inclusion in our monthly Tanzania emailers, sent to all UK Africa specialists

  • Frequent inclusion in our monthly press releases sent to all relevant UK media - print and online

  • Frequent inclusion in our bi-monthly e-newsletters to our UK consumer database.

  • Discounted participation in our UK trade roadshow (March 2019)​

  • The more great news stories you feed us, the more likelihood that yours will be the information we use in our trade and consumer communications (press releases, social media and magazine etc). Whilst we will be representing Tanzania as a whole, we will only give coverage to TANTOO members.

What are the in-direct benefits to your company of being a TANTOO member?
  • Show a commitment to Tanzanian tourism over and above your own brand.

  • Be an industry leader at the forefront of increasing Tanzanian tourism from the UK.

  • Collectively collaborate with other TANTOO members to make a difference to Tanzania tourism which will subsequently benefit your individual properties/services by increasing visitor numbers.

  • Have increased exposure in the media for Tanzania.

Will this have any effect on existing representation?

As the focus of our activity will be more on the entire destination, rather than your individual properties/ business, we don't see TANTOO having any negative impact on your existing representation agency - in fact we'd like to work closely with them, for your benefit. Ideally, we'd like to be creating opportunities for them to capitalise on increase tour operator interest. But be assured your business will be promoted in this process, especially as the more great news stories you feed us, the greater the likelihood that this will be the information we use in our trade and consumer communications (press releases, social media and magazine etc).


Is the Tanzania Tourist Board involved?

TTB is fully behind the initiative and has shown great enthusiasm for TANTOO thus far. Financial commitment is still subject to discussion but TTB is hopeful of being able to gain park-fee waivers for TANTOO trade fams and media trips. TTB hope to host events at the High Commission in London free-of-charge etc and suggested that they will provide a dedicated member of staff to be our main contact for all TANTOO related enquiries.


What are the objectives of TANTOO?

  • To increase Tanzania visitor numbers from the UK.

  • To effectively measure this performance we be seeking accurate data from TTB.

  • To increase Tanzania’s spontaneous and prompted desirability.

2016 : Spontaneous 18%; Prompted 27%

2017 : Spontaneous 26%; Prompted 27%

2018: Spontaneous 19%; Prompted 17%

2019 Target : Spontaneous 26%; Prompted 27%

  • To increase Tanzania’s editorial coverage in UK media

2016 Coverage in Travel-only publications £825,000

2017 Coverage in Travel-only publications £691,000

2018 Coverage in Travel-only publications £321,000 (4 months to April)

2018 Coverage in Travel-only publications £620,000 (12 months prediction)

2019 Target : Coverage in Travel-only publications £1,100,000​

Who will run TANTOO in the Kamageo team?
Strategy & Account Direction :

Tim Henshall: Chief Executive

Key Support :

Rich Whiston: Marketing Manager - Digital

Mandy Henshall: Account & Resources Director

Visit to see profiles of all the people listed above.


What does it cost?
From the outset, we were clear that didn't really want to set a "price", rather that we had a total budget in mind. To get the project up and running, we are seeking $75,000 (although we've said that $100,000 should be our target). Whether this is 10 members at $7500 or 25 members at $3000, it should not make a huge difference to core activities. So we originally set "suggested" prices. Your feedback suggests that these were perhaps too high, so we have revised these down to :
1-2 properties $3,000
3-5 properties $4,000
Ground operators $4,000
5+ properties $4,500
Adele and Tim_edited.jpg


Your day-to-day contact at TANTOO via Kamageo is :

Tim Henshall | Chief Executive |

Manor Farm, Nether Broughton, Leicestershire, LE14 3HB

+44 (0)1664 832750

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