Sadly TANTOO will cease operating from 31st October 2019, due to perceived client conflict.

Kamageo will fulfil all agreed obligations and activities between now and then.

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TANTOO - short for Tanzania Tourism Organisation - was an initiative committed to increasing tourism to Tanzania from the UK. 


We all recognise that Tanzanian tourism would really benefit from an increase in its marketing support, to attract bigger numbers of UK visitors.​ Whilst this task is mainly the responsibility of the country’s tourism board - TTB - for reasons often beyond their control, it is unlikely that they will be able to invest heavily in the UK in the near future.  


Yet we all know that if Tanzania is marketed professionally, effectively and with a sensible budget, UK visitor numbers are likely to significantly increase. That’s where TANTOO comes in, as we aim to encourage 20+ of the country’s leading tourism companies to work together along with TTB, to jointly fund marketing activities in the UK.

Kamageo has successfully run private sector marketing groups in both Malawi and Zambia, where major tourism players in those countries have cast aside their individual brand needs and are working together to promote their destination.


Each member contributes to a central marketing pot which is then utilised by Kamageo to implement an agreed marketing plan with clear objectives. ​ Now Tanzania has the opportunity to do the same - TANTOO is set to launch this summer and we invite you to be a part of it.


The campaign is about increasing tourism to Tanzania, rather than promoting any individual lodge, camp or operator. So membership requires companies to put aside their own brands, with the focus almost exclusively on the destination, but as a measure, we have had a 100% retention of members in ZMG in Zambia, which we feel is a measure of its overall success.

But as well as increasing tourism to Tanzania, there are specific benefits, exclusive to TANTOO members :

  • DESTINATION GUIDE : Inclusion in 10,000 copies providing inspiration to consumers attending travel shows and sent as a sales aid to UK tour operators.

  • SAFARI MAGAZINE - 8-10 page Tanzania features in every issue of our exclusive magazine sent quarterly to all UK Africa specialists, with news from the membership.

  • TRADE EMAILERS - Frequent inclusion in our monthly emailers, sent to all UK Africa specialists (guaranteed four per year)

  • PRESS RELEASES - Frequent inclusion in our monthly releases sent to all relevant UK media - print and online (guaranteed four per year)

  • CONSUMER E-NEWSLETTER Frequent inclusion in our bi-monthly e-newsletters to our UK consumer database (guaranteed four times per year).

  • UK ROADSHOW - Discounted participation in March 2019 at $3000 v $6000.

  • FAM TRIPS - We will be ensuring at least 12 UK operators visit Tanzania each year (ideally, far more!)

  • MEDIA TRIPS - We will ensuring at least 6 media trips for 12 titles visit Tanzania each year (ideally, far more!)

  • TRADE WEBSITE - One-stop-shop for trade to find rates, info and images (see for an example).

  • SOCIAL MEDIA - UK dedicated pages which can frequently feature your news and images.

The more great news stories you feed us, the more likelihood that yours will be the information we use in our trade and consumer communications (press releases, social media and magazine etc). Whilst we will be representing Tanzania as a whole, we will only give coverage to TANTOO members.

See our FAQ section for answers to the following :
  • What is a Private Sector Marketing Group (PSMG)?
  • How does the PSMG – now called TANTOO - work?

  • What promotional activities are included?
  • Has Kamageo created a PSMG before, and what were the results?
  • What are the direct benefits to your company of being a TANTOO member?​​

  • What are the in-direct benefits to your company of being a TANTOO member?
  • ​Will this have any effect on your existing UK representation?​
  • Is the Tanzania Tourist Board involved?
  • What are the objectives of TANTOO?
  • ​​Who will run TANTOO?

  • Who has shown interest in joining TANTOO? 
  • What is the cost and how do I join?


Kamageo is a truly dynamic and vibrant tourism marketing company, dedicated to increasing tourism from UK to African destinations, since 2006.

We currently run successful private sector marketing groups in Zambia and Malawi, whilst representing both Uganda and Swaziland in the UK.

See for more information



Zambia Tourism Agency has entrusted Kamageo with the increasing interest in Zambia since 2017. The impact of our work has been immediate with significantly increased trade support for the destination.  


Kamageo created and runs the Malawi Travel Marketing Consortium  - a major private sector initiative -  we've helped increase visitor numbers by over 10% each year, with over £500,000 worth of editorial coverage in February 2018 alone.


We launched Uganda Tourism's first ever marketing campaign to raise visitor numbers from the UK. Features include trade fam trips, numerous media trips, a TV-sponsorship deal and a PR-stunt using a life-like animatronic gorilla.


Kamageo created the Zambia Marketing Group - with the country's private sector combining to market their destination into the UK. Zambia Tourism Agency's is a member and co-funder of the project.

Our work has significantly boosted interest in what was once a lesser-known and previously overlooked destination. Now, over 60 UK operators promote Swaziland itineraries within their offering, including major new names.

Tanzania Tourist Board trusts Kamageo to deliver outstanding trade marketing services - including an annual UK roadshow which TTB now sponsors. They are set to become members of TANTOO.


Each year, Kamageo undertakes a comprehensive 360-degree study of the UK Africa travel market, providing a 'moment-in-time' usage and attitude study of all key sub-Saharan destinations within Africa. It is believed to be the only analysis of its type and is made available exclusively to Kamageo partners.



Press Office

The Press office will develop vibrant story lines and angles for the media either to print or inspire trips 

Media Trips


Inspire at least 6 top UK journalists to visit Tanzania & coordinate their trips resulting in great media coverage. 

Trade Workshops


2 annual workshops in London to help inform and educate UK tour operators and travel agents.

Trade Website


A website that 's a one-stop-shop for access to information, rates & images aimed at UK tour operators .  

Consumer Travel Shows


For 2018/19 we will exhibit at two major shows - to create desire to visit Tanzania, manned by Kamageo. 

Press Releases

Monthly releases, with one attention-grabbing story, supported by your news and information.  

Media Events


The Safari Media Show (x2) and the IMM, (International Media Market) -travel industry’s biggest media event. 

Trade Press


Safari Magazine, sent to over 500 UK tour operators will contain regular and extensive features on Tanzania. 

Trade Emailers


We will send informative and targeted monthly emailers to over 500 named individuals in the UK trade.

Social Media

Kamageo will create UK dedicated social media pages, share aspirational & relevant content. 

Press Packs


Develop press packs for use at media events featuring editorial ideas from across Tanzania. 

Trade Representation 

We'll visit targeted UK tour operators to inform, educate and enthuse them about Tanzania. 

Fam Trip Programme


Organise 12 Fam trips for key individuals, to northern, western and southern parks, as well as Zanzibar. 

UK Trade Roadshow

Successful in 2018, we're planning for 2019 for 5 days, 4 major venues. 

TANTOO members are discounted .

Monthly Consumer Emailers

Using a vast database of Africa enthusiasts with aspirational, informative e-mailers. 


“Tanzania needs this kind of initiative. Having seen Kamageo in action, we have to get behind them”

Sujit Shah | Zanzibar Collection